It can't get much sexier.

18th April 2014

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17th April 2014

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i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

this fucked me up

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17th April 2014

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[mom voice] targé

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17th April 2014

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never forget that loud rock n roll is the most important thing in the universe

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17th April 2014

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Write this on my tombstone




Write this on my tombstone

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17th April 2014


Scotch and gummy worms make for a great combo.

17th April 2014

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Ten years ago, photographers James and Karla Murray began documenting the unique storefronts that define New York as a wonderfully diverse place to live. After a decade had passed, the pair went back to the same locations, only to sadly discover that many of the charming family-owned stores had been pushed out and replaced by large chains, banks, and generic businesses. The Murrays documented these rapid changes with side-by-side photographs compiled in a book entitled Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York.

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17th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: what would alternate universe-Dan be like?

A serious fucking tool. Like, no lanyard, not even a Misfits shirt. Begged his parents to buy him a new Corvette for his 16th birthday. What a monster…

17th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite joke?

A Rabbi and a Priest sit next to each other on a plane, headed to Long Beach from Washington, D.C. It’s a long trip, so they strike up some chitchat here and there until it turns into a real serious discussion about faith and the nature of sin.

So the Priest says, “What’s the biggest rule you’ve broken at this point?”

The Rabbi thinks a minute. “I don’t know it’s really the greatest sin, but I was in South Carolina for a conference once, and ended up a barbecue at some point. Whole hog. Nobody saw me there, luckily, because I ate more ravenously than I thought possible. It was wonderful. However, that is one of the big ones. We may not have a hell, but breaking Kashrut is a big deal, and doing so with joy is worse.”

They sit a moment in silence. The priest understood very well that men used to die before breaking Kashrut.

The Rabbi speaks up, “I imagine that I don’t have to be alone in my guilt, no?”

The Priest sighs. “Yeah, fair is fair.”

He grows pensive “I took my vows young. Being involved in the church was a big deal for me as a kid, and so I happily took the opportunity to join the priesthood as soon as it was possible. But that didn’t give me the time to make any mistakes. So I made a big one after. I met a woman. She was incredible, just a real knockout. She didn’t know I was a priest, and I didn’t let her know. So, we had sex. A lot. I had to take a sabbatical and go to Germany for five years in order to shake off the guilt from that. I understand that I’m just human, but I crossed a big line. I can only hope I’ve done my best since.”

The Rabbi was in shock.

"That’s big. Oy."

The Priest smiles grimly.

The Rabbi doesn’t miss a beat, and leans in close to the priest.

"A lot better than pork, isn’t it?"

17th April 2014

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So I’m thinking although I watched Dinosaurs as a kid… it was not meant for children.

Earl is sitting in front of the tv, and the ad is saying “Are you stuck in a dead end job? Does your boss always yell at you? Do you ever wonder why your life isn’t going anywhere? Why ask why…. when you can drink ALCOHOL.”

There’s a really great episode about weed. It’s on Netflix, but they replaced the audio of the part where his boss is blazed in his office and belting Purple Haze.

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